Friday Night Funky Roblox

Game description:

Everyone knows the fun music series that attracted millions of fans worldwide. Now, you can try something really new and exciting in FNF game – it has become accessible via the well-known Roblox playground. You will now see all your favorite characters in an unusual pixelated style. But the plot remains unchanged – again your main role is to participate in exciting rap battles and dance hard to become a winner. In these contests, you will meet all sorts of opponents, both old and new. It will be easier for you if you played FNF before – you know already what to.

You need to listen to songs you have not heard before and repeat their rhythm without mistakes. For this, you will press the arrows on the screen, enabling your character to move in sync with the soundtrack. Even if it may sound confusing, it is a lot of fun, indeed. In the Roblox world, you will have a chance to play against real people. For all your correct movements, you will earn points – your score will be displayed near your hero. So the aim is to make your result higher than that of your opponent. You will need to use all your musical skills to achieve it. But you need to test it yourself – join the platform to experience this thrilling music entertainment. A lot of joy is guaranteed!