Pokémon Masters

Game description:

The island Pasio is a place where the largest and most challenging tournaments between pokemon masters are held. This year, you and your pokemon-buddies have decided to join the battle, so get ready for something really exciting. The game starts when you travel to the island and prepare yourself to an upcoming event. You have been training and practicing for so long and now you are assured that you have all chances to become the best master on the field and win the battle. But be ready that your rivals are no less skillful than you and chances are that you will meet really strong competitors. This challenging event attracts the strongest masters! But this is your chance to become stronger yourself – there is no point in fighting with those rivals, who are not very likely to overcome you. That means that if you want to become better and stronger, you should take risks and stand against the competitors who are more experienced than you are.

Not only you will train yourself and your pokemons, but also you are going to find new friends among the other masters. The team of your dream will be forming in front of your eyes and you will pass numerous challenging together, supporting and helping one another. During the battle, you will need to find the weak spots in the rivals’ team and aim at them. Make sure to combine your powers smartly to make heavy and mighty attacks along with your friends. Defend yourself and fight at the same time! You will need a strategy to do that efficiently.