Game description:

Finally, the brand new football game is already on the run and you can play it right on this platform! Isn’t that awesome? Thousands of thrilling battles, goals, and marvelous victories are waiting for you here. Are you ready? Then jump in! In this part of FIFA, you will meet new players and these guys are ten times tougher and cooler than all the characters you have seen before. There are also different modes of the game: in-door and street. This is a beautiful football simulator you will surely mark as your favorite after a couple of seconds.
The game will allow you to compete in the regime of 5 vs 5 or any other. There is also a campaign mode, which is a career story of your chosen character. You will start as a young player and rise up on the ladder. With time, you will take part in the world championship and there are giant chances that you will get the main cup. Train a lot and be tough – these are the main secrets of successful football. The game allows you to join squads, teams, and leagues. The character can be changed the way you want and the avatar that represents you on the server is also customizable. The list of players here is impressive. You will find the stars of the world football all gathered in one! Messi, Hazard, Ronaldo, Salah and more will become the part of your amazing team (or you can choose one to play for him, which is an amazing opportunity to find yourself in the shoes of a real star). Join now!