Game description:

The collection of pixel fun won’t let you get bored for a single second! It’s a giant colorful playground to show your best thinking skills and ability to have fun. This explosive project includes an unfathomable number of mini-games, each of which delights you with thousands of progressively complex levels. All of them are simple as if created for children, but if you immerse yourself in this world completely you will realize that not every adult could do it!

This is a creative wonderland where players become both architects and adventurers of their virtual worlds. Everything around you is made up of blocks and pixels, including the landscape, your character, obstacles and enemies. The endless variety is what players adore about this game, bringing it to the top of gaming Olympus.

Logic and physics

You kill monsters, overcome obstacles, build your path, and paint the field with your character’s movements and that’s just a small percentage of what this colorful universe has to show you! What really sets this masterpiece apart, however, is its ingenious twist: it gives you the opportunity to become a game creator! With a few simple swipes and taps, you enter the handy editor and start designing your own exclusive quest.