Fall Guys

Game description:

Why do we love battle royale so much? It’s easy: we all want to prove that we are better than the others. Competing against other players in real-time and winning challenging matches gives us a feeling of self-sufficiency. This genre has only one drawback – very often it’s rather brutal and bloody for a wide audience. But that’s not the case with Fall Guys!

Bloodless and fun!

This new and hot online game is suitable even for little kids. There are no weapons at all, and players are eliminated during completely peaceful trials. Each match features 60 funny characters looking like multi-colored jelly beans, and then the race begins. The rounds consist of several randomly selected challenges. Some of them can be categorized as steeplechase, others task you with performing various stunts on the arena.

At the signal, players rush in a crowd towards the finish line. Along the way they have to balance on giant swings, dodge the falling debris, calculate their jumps and maneuver between the hindrances. Everyone wants to push you into the abyss, but you can grab your opponents and try to throw them down instead. Lives, fortunately, are endless: there are many checkpoints on the levels, to which you can return after falling. On each stage, those who came to the finish line later than the specified number of players take off. This way, the lineup of participants keeps shrinking and only a few people who showed themselves well in the previous trials will be admitted to the final match.

Adrenaline-packed atmosphere, innovative challenges!

In addition to the classic races, there are several more inventive challenges. For instance, you need to drag as many eggs as possible to your corner, or roll a giant ball to the finish line before other teams, or steal each other’s tails, or walk through a field of tiles hanging in the air, finding a sustainable route. In such cases, the entire losing team is eliminated at once.

But the most complicated ones are the final rounds. You may find yourself on top of a multi-layer field of honeycombs that fall shortly after contact – you need to hold out above the abyss until the end of the match. Or the remaining players may be sent to climb the mountain to be the first to grab the winner’s crown at the top. You don’t know which trial exactly is awaiting you and that sends the tension even higher. In any case, there is just one champion. Will that be you? You won’t find that out until you play Fall Guys online!