Night Bus

Game description:

In Night Bus, you slip into the role of a bus driver navigating the tranquil yet detailed landscapes of 1999 New Zealand, where your daily tasks are meticulously simulated to mirror the authentic experience of public transit management. From the rolling hills and pastures dotted with sheep to the intricately designed urban architecture, the game presents a slice of Kiwi life with an added layer of complexity. Each shift begins with you welcoming a variety of passengers aboard, collecting fares, and ensuring everyone is dropped off at their precise locations, all while managing the timeliness and efficiency expected of a real bus driver.

Navigate Through Reality and Mystery

As the driver of the Night Bus, your routine is disrupted by more than just traffic delays or the occasional unruly passenger. There’s an unsettling presence aboard—referred to only as That Which Has No Eyes. This mysterious entity adds a supernatural twist to your otherwise ordinary route, blending everyday duties with the thrill of the unknown. You’re tasked with maintaining composure and focus as you operate the bleeding-edge CCTV system that helps you monitor the bus interior, adding a strategic element to your gameplay. This system isn’t just for keeping tabs on passenger safety—it’s also your tool for peering into the unexplained occurrences that challenge the edges of your reality on the night shift.

Night Bus offers players a unique experience that combines the mundane aspects of bus driving with eerie, suspenseful elements. Whether you’re admiring the scenic New Zealand countryside or feeling the chill of mysterious forces, the game keeps you engaged with its deep, interactive environment and the ever-present sense of intrigue. As you drive through the night, each decision you make—from route choices to how you manage the unexpected—shapes the unfolding narrative, blurring the line between a simple simulator and an immersive story-driven adventure.