Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 4

Game description:

Welcome to a new sequel of a cool anime series of Dragon Ball Z. This time, it is not just a fan-made mod but a full-fledged game. It repeats the story of the third chapter but the developers have implemented tons of new updates and innovations. As before, the game is anime styled and you are free to select your character from multiple options. The main thing is to master enough combat skills to deal with endless enemies!

Protect your world!

Your planet is in danger. And you need to protect it from merciless alien invaders. They do not understand other language than violence. So activate all your powers and dive into a continuous flow of hectic battles. You can try a lot of different game modes and test different personages for the best gaming experience. Combat and mechanics are more than impressive in this new release. But you need to go through it yourself to find your favorite protagonist and fighting mode. You will enjoy this dynamic adventure!