Sakura School Simulator

Game description:

Sakura School Simulator is a game where you will try on the role of a mere student at the middle school of a small provincial Japanese town. You will be able to meet various characters, enjoy a wide variety of activities and experience plenty of adventures!

At the beginning of the game, you can fully customize the main hero. You can be either a boy or a girl, choose any appearance and haircut, the color of your eyes and other aspects of your looks. Besides, you can change your clothes and unlock new content as you progress through the game. This is basically a full-fledged life simulator set in the anime style that will surely thrill the fans of this genre.

Every day will start with you waking up and leaving the house. After that you can decide where to go all on your own. The controls are very easy. With your left thumb, you will be moving your hero around the location while the right thumb is for performing all kinds of actions. These include communication, fighting and activating your jetpack. The town of Sakura is rather big, you can explore it freely visiting the homes of different characters, talking to them and doing various interesting things. Do you want to go to school as a normal kid? Or maybe you prefer creating a chaos around you? Everything depends on you!

But don’t worry, it’s impossible to die in this game even if something goes wrong! The heroes that die for some reason simply become inactive, but they will wake up safely the next day. Despite all the wild things happening here, the residents of Sakura and the students of the local school are completely out of danger which allows you to make the craziest decisions. Enjoy your life in this cozy yet a bit insane town, choose you own path and have fun playing Sakura School Simulator!