Disney Illusion Island

Game description:

Welcome to an entertaining and action-packed platformer in which you will take on the role of Mickey Mouse and meet your friends and girlfriend in person!

It all started with the fact that you were sent some kind of map with an invitation to a picnic. You were sure that it was Mini who wanted to have a romantic one-on-one time. But when you met at the appointed place, it turned out that this was not her doing. Then the rest of your friends came here, and they all desire to have a picnic! But suspicions are not dispelled, because it is still unknown who gathered you here and why. You hear a strange noise and follow the sound. Maybe later it will become clearer?

Follow the signs

Your craving for delicious food in nature is stronger than anything in the world, so you decide to go only forward. Follow the arrows that should take you to the right place. Jump on concrete tiles and overcome various obstacles that complicate your path and saturate it with pleasant emotions of waiting. Use springy ramps if you can’t jump to the next point. Avoid small green creatures that can kill you. If you fail to defeat them, you will return to the location of the nearest mailbox – this is what checkpoints look like in this game.

Who are you?

When you reach a strange bush, you meet unusual creatures. Did they invite you here? But why?