Dinogen Online

Game description:

In Dinogen Online, players engage in a unique combat experience that merges the ferocity of dinosaurs with the tactical precision of modern warfare. This game challenges participants to choose their allegiance, fighting as either nimble humans or mighty dinosaurs in varied, fast-paced multiplayer scenarios. Each match in this 2D top-down shooter unfolds in detailed arenas that simulate both ancient landscapes and contemporary battlefields, providing a strategic depth that varies with each game mode. Whether capturing flags, annihilating opponents in Team Deathmatch, or strategically dismantling targets in Destruction mode, players must constantly adapt their tactics to their chosen role and the changing dynamics of the battlefield.

Endless Play and Custom Content Creation

Dinogen Online expands the gameplay experience with its extensive survival modes, where players endure waves of mixed threats from ground troops to aerial attacks, testing both endurance and strategic planning. The innovation doesn’t stop at gameplay; the included Scenario Editor offers players the tools to become architects of their own battles. With this editor, users can manipulate existing maps or build entirely new ones from scratch, implementing an integrated trigger system to add complexity to their custom scenarios. These creations are instantly shareable for multiplayer adventures, allowing players to see how their designs stand up against the community.