Crow Country

Game description:

Crow Country plunges players into the depths of a survival horror experience set within the deceivingly quaint confines of an abandoned theme park. As the protagonist, Mara Forest, players are tasked with solving complex puzzles and riddles that peel back the layers of the park’s dark history. Each corner of the park, from the dilapidated roller coaster to the eerie hall of mirrors, holds clues to the mysterious closure of the park and the disappearance of its enigmatic owner, Edward. The seemingly whimsical attractions mask a sinister reality, challenging players to question the nature of the park’s abrupt abandonment and the unsettling rumors that swirl around its past.

Exploration and Revelation in a Haunted Playground

The game’s structure encourages thorough exploration, with the ability to unlock new areas and revisit old ones to discover hidden secrets and gradually piece together the chilling narrative. For those who wish to immerse themselves in the eerie atmosphere without the constant threat of danger, Crow Country offers an Exploration Mode. This mode allows players to explore the park at their leisure, taking in the sights and sounds without the fear of encountering the grotesque monsters that roam the shadows. However, the true nature of these monsters and the grim story behind their existence might compel the more curious or brave to confront the horrors that lie within and discover the lengths to which human ambition and greed can go.