Game description:

Sometimes we all get in a bad mood feeling so angry that we want to break something. Some people let go of their fury and end up smashing stuff around the house. But it can hardly be called the best solution – after all, replacing a broken mug isn’t for free, plus what if it was your mom’s favorite? And besides, hurling a mug into a wall is kind of small, it will barely give vent to all of your negative emotions. It’s much more exciting to cause massive destruction and rejoice at observing the level of damage you’re doing! So why don’t you blow off steam in a safer and more exciting way that won’t send you buying new things instead those that suffered while you were having a nervous breakdown? Thankfully, there is an alternative – and it’s called Demolish!

So what kind of game is it? Demolish is a fun and spectacular destruction simulator that allows you to wreck havoc on the entire city without being announced a national terrorist for that! Just imagine the thrill you are going to fill exploding a huge building that will collapse before your very eyes like a cardboard house. There are plenty of objects, big and even bigger, that you can bring down to ruin in this game enjoying every detail of this magnificent sight. And when everything is over and the wave of destructive thirst subsides, you’ll get up from your PC a new, calmer and content person, ready to go about your business like nothing is disturbing you at all!

Don’t wait any further, push the button and send this giant sky-scrapper or the Eiffel Tower itself flying into pieces! Scatter fragments of the world’s most famous buildings and architectural masterpieces all over the map, gasp at amazing effects accompanying this little catastrophe you are staging and come back for more! There are always new things here waiting for an epic demolition!