Contraband Police

Game description:

Welcome to a thrilling simulator where you will take on a very interesting role. You will become a border guard. All events unfold in a country with a communist regime in the 80s. It was the time when contraband activity was flourishing. The drivers were trying to mislead the authorities and take various prohibited goods over the border. The police had no other choice but to check all vehicles, drivers and passengers that pass the checkpoint. And this is going to be your job in this simulator.

Check documents and goods!

You will need to thoroughly check everyone who is going to cross the border. First, you need to check the passport of the person, his name, appearance and additional paperwork. The next step is to thoroughly check the vehicle. And take time to inspect the cargo according to the accompanying documents. You should always take into account all changes in the country – pandemics, extra restrictions and so on. It is vital to make a correct decision on whether to allow someone in or out of the country. And once you spot a smuggler, the further development of events is unpredictable – the criminal may try to bribe you or run away. These are quests you need to complete successfully and earn points.