Brain It On

Game description:

Hi, active brain user! Put your brainpower to the thorough test! Welcome to the engaging project called Brain It On. If you’re seeking a game that challenges your intellect and creativity, you’ve found your match.

Find solutions to plenty of mind-boggling puzzles. Each level presents a unique problem, and your task is to devise a solution by drawing objects or shapes on the screen. Think outside the box – there’s more than one way to crack each challenge!

Some examples

Imagine this: you’re faced with a glass that needs to be dropped. How do you do it? Sketch a shape in the air, adhering to the laws of physics, and watch it fall, dropping the object. Success! Here is another case: colorful balls need to be moved from one container to another. Draw paths for them, guiding their roll.

What makes Brain It On truly exceptional is its limitless creativity. There’s no one right answer! Your imagination is your only boundary. Feel free to experiment, explore, and innovate. Each stroke of your finger brings you closer to victory.

There are some good reasons for you to choose this project. It’s a cerebral challenge that sharpens your problem-solving mastery. Plus, the competitive edge awaits – challenge your friends, prove your physics supremacy, and claim the crown!

Can you outsmart the puzzles and do your best to draw your triumph? There’s only one way to find out – play Brain It On and let the puzzle-solving masterpiece begin right now!