Ambulance Driving Simulator

Game title: Ambulance Driving Simulator
Game description:

The job of a doctor is one of the toughest and noblest ones. These people work selflessly to ensure that our health and sometimes even life is in order. When we think of a doctor, we usually imagine a brilliant surgeon in a white robe asking for a scalpel and performing a super challenging cardiac operation. But there are also those who don’t look as impressive and nevertheless do highly important work. We’re talking about ambulance drivers. It’s up to these people whether the medics will get to a dying person in time to rescue them. So you can’t slow down and get lost in the city when you’re on a mission! But you also need to stay extra careful and avoid getting into an accident yourself because then the ambulance won’t arrive at all. Are you ready to check your driving skills and ability to act in critical situations? Then welcome to Ambulance Driving Simulator!

Your first assignment won’t be that tough. You’ll have to drive pretty near and there won’t be any additional difficulties distracting you. But as you cope with one mission after another, the situation will get more and more pressing. You’ll need to travel to the other end of the city, across the entire map, through busy traffic. And remember that the clock is ticking! You’ll see the amount of time left in a special box. Keep an eye on that number because it’s highly important to get to the patient before the time runs out! Do you think you can deal with all the challenges and save everyone? Let’s find out!