5 nights at Freddys: 6 night

Game description:

You were looking for a job and this time it was the best choice for you. You decided to become a night watchman in a pizzeria and nothing seemed wrong to you from the first sight. Just a cozy and cute place, where parents and their children come every day to eat delicious pizza and play with animatronics – robotic animals, who can sing, dance and… kill. You will learn everything about their terrible nature very soon! There are found of scaring people like you to death and this desire evokes in their minds when the dark time of the day comes. So, you are not so lucky to meet them closer during your night shift.

You have five nights of horror and nerves ahead. Your location is a small office room, where no weapons or anything like that can be found. All you can is to watch the animatronics trying to enter the room. Gladly, you have the cameras and monitors to track their movements, so you can predict their appearance. The problem is that the further you move in the game, the more creatures will try to reach you simultaneously. However, you have a limited number of action to perform at a certain period of time, which means that you cannot just lock all the doors and windows and sit there safely. You can keep them closed one by one, so you need to choose the right entrances to avoid monsters entering your room and scaring you to grey hair.