Watermelon Fruit Game

Game description:

If you a fan of puzzles, here is a new adventure in your favorite genre. Well, here’s something fresh that you are sure to enjoy. It’s a watermelon fruit game from a Japanese developer. The project has already attracted thousands of players. The game’s main task is quite simple – just stack the fruits. But before you dive into this exciting adventure, there are a few things to know. Take a moment to understand all algorithms and rules before you start.

Let’s learn the rules!

Players need to drop fruits from the top of the screen. However, do not think you can just do it randomly. Even if your virtual box seems quite big, the fruit flow never ends. If you throw them without thinking, they will quickly pile and overfill the box. If you cross the line in the upper part of the screen, you lose. But how to succeed, you should know one secret. You can merge your fruits. How exactly does it work? Two identical fruits need to contact with each other to transform. After it, they disappear, giving place to a different fruit, bigger in size. The biggest fruit you can get after merging is watermelon. Two watermelons just disappear after the contact. You should hold out for as long as you can and reach a fantastic score!