Game description:

If you love puzzles but, at the same time, adore music, you will find it all in a new online game – Swiftle. How are these features combined here? Everything is pretty simple. You will listen to a small part of a Taylor Swift song and will need to guess the song’s name. Are you ready to test how well you know this singer’s music? People who love this performer can show how much they know about her songs. The best part of this game is that you can replay the puzzle again and choose how hard you want them to be. You can change these things in the settings. It is a great challenge for everyone, even if it’s funny too.

A little about the rules

If you guess wrong, you can listen to more of the song for another second to help you guess right. If you still cannot recollect the composition, you can pick it from a list after typing a word. Then you can keep playing. Swiftle makes the game more challenging by limiting how many times you can guess a song. You have only six guesses to find the right song. Imagine the game can offer any of the songs the singer has ever performed, and that’s what the daily challenges are based on. You can choose to play the daily challenge or not, and you can also go back and play old games. No matter what option you choose, it is a great workout for your memory and logic. Train your thinking skills every day. Start playing now to enhance your guessing abilities and just to enjoy nice music!