Game description:

Stacklands invites players into a world where the fate of a burgeoning village rests in the clever arrangement of cards. At its core, the game is about survival and expansion, achieved through a unique mechanic where players stack cards to gather resources, erect structures, and protect their villagers from looming threats. By dragging a Villager card to a Berry Bush card, players can generate Berry cards, providing essential sustenance for the village inhabitants. This simple yet engaging gameplay loop encourages strategic planning and resource management, ensuring that every decision could mean the difference between prosperity and peril for your village.

Build Your Village with Strategy

As your settlement grows, the game introduces a commerce system where cards become a currency of their own. Selling unnecessary cards yields coins, which in turn can be used to purchase Card Packs. These packs are the lifeblood of village expansion, containing a variety of cards that can introduce new avenues of growth, whether through Cooking, Farming, or Building. However, the challenge ramps up with the turn of every Moon, a constant reminder to keep your food supplies stocked. Failing to feed your villagers leads to dire consequences, adding a layer of urgency to the otherwise serene task of village building. Beyond sustenance and commerce, the game delves into combat and exploration, where villagers armed with the right resources can fend off creatures or discover new ideas to further advance the village.

Expanding Horizons

The quest for knowledge and advancement is a pivotal aspect of Stacklands. The game boasts over 200 cards to collect and more than 60 ideas to discover, each unlocking new possibilities for your village. From constructing houses with a specific combination of resources to arming your villagers for battles against goblins and bears, the game continuously offers fresh challenges and rewards. Completing quests not only furthers your village’s development but also unfolds more of the game’s mechanics and depth, keeping the gameplay engaging throughout the estimated 5-7 hours of playtime. With 13 different Card Packs to unlock and a plethora of quests to complete, Stacklands ensures a fulfilling experience for those who enjoy strategy, management, and a touch of adventure in their village-building endeavors.