Rock of Ages 3

Game description:

The time has come to roll some stones, enjoy witty jokes, and compete with other players for power. Yes, this is the third part of a legendary game Rock of Ages and it is already available for you. Right here and right now, you will enter the incredible and unbelievable universe of absurd, struggles, endless fun, and adventures. The brand new game of the most successful series of the last decade opens up new possibilities and provides you with a chance not only to take part in all the imaginable events, but also to become a creator that stands behind them. Yes, now you can create and share the game levels with other gamers as well as to check what they have done there.
The game can be characterized as a cocktail of the following genres: tower defense, competition, racing, arcade, and humor. Yes, all of these delicious ingredients make the game amazing and so spicy! You may think that such combination of genres and formats is something that is hard to imagine. However, what if we will say that they are glued to each other by means of amazing humor? Absurd and Monty-Payton-like, these jokes will make you roll on the floor laughing. The game will take you to numerous places, most of which are the works of art – famous pictures of famous artists. Also, you will have a chance to enjoy the destructive power of 20+ stones that can break and destroy anything on their way. The multiplayer encourages you to play with your buddy (for two) or against a pair of other players (two versus two).
It is hard to imagine a funnier and more original tower defense game than this one. Become a winner and break everything around you into pieces or simply enjoy the incredible atmosphere and funny humor. The game will make you laugh and test your skills in the battle – all in the same time. Enjoy all the parts of it on this site and namely – launch the third one right now. We have prepared a full and unblocked version of you – call your friends and join this amazing world all together! Share your creations and find out who is the best leader!