Game description:

Fans of American football, step right up, cause we’ve got a game that’ll transport you to the glorious days of classic sports! Retrobowl throws in a healthy dose of nostalgia, and it will surely blow your mind. Are you ready? Let’s go, athletes!

Just like in the good old days!

Retro Bowl doesn’t mess around with complex controls. It’s all about being intuitive and user-friendly. We’re talking about on-screen controls that make you feel like a football wizard. To get your players dancing around the field like nobody’s business, just use the virtual directional pad. Whether you’re the quarterback, running back, or wide receiver, this D-pad gives you the power to move like a pro.

Pass or run, it’s your call. Timing is everything, guys! You gotta outsmart the defense. Break tackles, dodge defenders, and sprint for that glorious touchdown! But you also need to be capable of taking down that offensive player like a champ. You can also switch between defenders by tapping the player icon. And when it’s time, unleash those special moves and power-ups to flip the game on its head! Time to kick off your digital cleats and dive headfirst into the craziness of classic football with Retrobowl!