Game description:

Meet the round-shaped and colorful fellows from Pikuniku and get ready for one of the most memorable stories in your life! Don’t let these cute-looking fellows confuse you. Pikuniku is not another childish toy where the characters sing songs and dance under the sun. Well, maybe they do this sometimes, but their world is not limited to anything like that. Be ready to discover a real dystopia that stands behind the funny looking creatures and their universe. You start your adventure are a red round creature at the moment when you wake up in the bosom of nature. You observe the city that lays under the mountain and a freakish spirit gives you an advice: just go there and have a nice walk. Your first steps in the game are going to be funny – you can run, bounce, and smash everything around you with your long legs. Get used to your body and see the amazing abilities it has. When you visit the town, you realize that you have been a hero of the legends, a scary giant beast, violent and blood-thirsty. However, when the dwellers see you, they find you smaller than themselves and pretty calm. All in all, they decide to put you in jail. This is where the real story begins! Join now and have a good time!