Pancake Run

Game description:

Pancake Run will definitely delight fans of arcades! Here you have to control a huge pile of pancakes on a plate that is moving along the level. Your goal is make it as high as possible by collecting more pancakes and ingredients as you make your way through the map. Beware of various obstacles that can cut your stack short and diminish your final score!

Build the highest pancake tower!

People are tired of runners where you have to play as some sort of a character. Running figures are not in fashion anymore. But it’s a totally different matter when the old familiar mechanics are wrapped in a totally new cover! This game has all the features of the genre – the movement occurs automatically, you can’t stop, slow down or take a few steps back. Everything must be done on the go, you have to swipe right and left in time to avoid a critical collision or an insidious trap. You have to stay focused every second of the gameplay because if you get distracted, you’ll have to replay the level all over again.

However, instead of some man, comics character or imaginable creature, you are in charge of a plateful of pancakes. It’s just a dish full of desserts that is moving along the route, and your task is to add as many pancakes to it as possible. For that, you have to notice little stacks of them in advance and change your direction in order to snatch them. Of course, it’s highly complicated to pick up every pile like that on the level, so aim for the tallest ones. The higher your stack of pancakes is when you reach the finish line the more points you will get!

Beware of hungry mouths!

But it would have been boring to play Pancake Run if there hadn’t been certain challenges and difficulties you have to deal with. For instance, the levels are full of hungry mouths that won’t waste their chance to grab a few pancakes from your plate if you fail to dodge them in time. You have to pick a path that will run as far away from them as possible! If you get through such mouth, your pile will get a little lower. But don’t worry, you can always pick up more pancakes, there are plenty of them ahead!

Besides, you have to maneuver between other hurdles, including arches that aren’t very convenient to pass when your stack is already tall enough. At the end of the level, there will be a bunch of kids waiting for you. They want their breakfast, so don’t disappoint them! Play Pancake Run online and see if you can end the level with a maximum score!