Minecraft Earth

Game description:

The secret of Minecraft’s popularity is simple: it is adorable, unique and provides you with an absolute freedom of action: you can do almost anything until you get bored. Considering the amount of possible options, it is not very likely that you actually will. However, now everything changes and becomes even more amazing – developers follow the latest gaming trends and present a brand new title – Minecraft Earth. This one is going to bring the world of the game to our habitual world, because it uses the technology of augmented reality. When another similar game – Pokemon Go – was at the peak of its popularity, 20 million people were looking for Pokemons on the streets around the world. The number of active Minecraft players is over 90 million. It is hard to imagine what is going to happen, when all of them come out of their rooms and start building digital constructions here and there, running around with their smartphones and sharing their masterpieces with friends. The only thing we know for sure is that this is going to be a great fun and you should join them right now!

In general, you are going to do everything you did before: constructing, collecting resources, communicating, etc. Only now, players will be able to explore the Minecraft universe whenever and wherever they are and all they need is a well-charged smartphone in hand. This part of the series is a real breakthrough of a computer technology: everything becomes content. The realities of the game and our world both become a perfect material for playing and you are welcome to try how it feels. The player will be able to sit at home and create something in Minecraft, and then go and place it in the park so that all friends can come and look at the creation. This is impressive! While the traditional version encourages you to choose one of the available playing styles and modes, this one mixes them all in one, so this cocktail is something you should check right now.