Game title: Islanders
Game description:

Fantastic islands are waiting for you. Your aim is to create cities and towns on the surface of beautiful lands. This is a simple but attractive strategy game, where you don’t have to take care about resources – you just build your houses whenever you want and create amazing and bright locations. The gameplay here is very clear and understandable. There is a couple of houses you can build on your island when the game starts. Each new building you place on the surface gives you bonus points. You have to choose the location for your building attentively! In fact, you are free to place wherever you want to, however, when you choose the most successful surrounding for your houses, you receive more points. Therefore, the better you build, the more scores you get. As a result, you can spend your bonus points on new inventory for building! This will help you create more beautiful and interesting houses. There is a nice set of them here, so you should do your best to get maximum score and see them all.

When your town or city becomes large enough, you can move to the next level – namely, next island. The islands are generated gradually, one by one, so you can get another right after you are done with the present. In fact, the number of islands for your towns is endless. So you can finish one of your towns, take a look back, give yourself a high five, and continue moving. Create an entire fantastic world!