Game description:

FNAF Games 76 plunges players into the role of a nighttime security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, a seemingly ordinary children’s party venue. However, as night falls, the animatronic characters housed within the venue begin to exhibit behaviors far from their cheerful daytime personas. Players must survive five nights from midnight to 6 AM, using limited resources and quick reflexes to monitor animatronic movements, manage power supply, and protect themselves from being caught.

How to Play

The gameplay in FNAF focuses on strategy and surveillance, with players using the following controls to interact with the game environment:

Mouse movement: Navigate through camera feeds to watch for animatronic movements.
Left-click: Interact with on-screen buttons to close doors, turn on lights, and switch cameras.
Spacebar: Sometimes used to access the flashlight or other specific game mechanics, depending on the installment.
Scroll wheel: Scroll through camera feeds quickly when necessary.
Players must balance the use of their resources, such as electricity and doors, to protect themselves from the animatronics while also ensuring they don’t exhaust their power supply before the end of each night.