Battlefield 2019

Game description:

So, the Second World War is nearing its end. The allies are getting close to Rhein shores hoping to force the battered German troops to give themselves up. At the edge of a ruined city, the commander of a German tank, Peter Muller, still keeps fighting. Deep inside, he understands that victory is already unreachable, but he keeps giving orders to his crew leading it into the last battle with American forces. The only hope for the tank crew is their powerful Tiger-I – a machine that seems to be capable of surviving through this war.

Your task is to guide your tank across the battlefield firing at the prevailing enemy and dodging their shots. There will be ambushes, random fire lines and air attacks. Maneuver between the hot spots of the destroyed city to avoid being surrounded by the foes. Only your courage, persistence and good tactical thinking can help you break the line of American soldiers and save yourself! How long will you be able to hold up under this rain of bullets and missiles? Your tank has some durability limit and can withstand a certain number of hits, but even Tiger I isn’t invincible. Show your commander’s talent and test your ability to think and act straight in risky situations playing Battlefield 5 online!