Andy’s Apple Farm

Game description:

What’s going on here? A certain apple-headed eight-bit guy in a farm overalls awkwardly walks through surreal landscapes, clearly smelling like a console old school, and does some strange things. This is Andy the Apple – the friendly and adventurous character of the new popular game. And although at first glance it all looks ugly and primitive, you just have to start to get imbued with the charm of these broken pixels and all the fruitarian anthropomorphic fun!

The essence of the game is as follows – Andy lost the keys to the house. But he cannot just go and search around – that would not be interesting! To gain access to his own home, our hero must show dexterity and ingenuity, completing various small quests. As you might guess, they will all be on a farm-village theme – harvesting, searching for objects in the forest, fishing and other simple pleasures of life in the clean air.

The gameplay is interspersed with cutscenes, where another strange character with a clock instead of a head, instructively pointing his finger covered with a white glove at the necessary objects, will tell you exactly what you need to do in the next mini-game. In addition to Andy, other characters will also be available to you – they are not quite ordinary either, a mixture of people and developers’ crazy fantasies. Together they will make you a lovely company worthy of all this surreal setting! There is little left to do. Go to this 8-bit farm and enjoy semi-absurd adventures in this retro Alice in Wonderland-style farm!