Among Us Kogama

Game description:

There are always people who will try to thwart grandiose projects and implement their own treacherous plans, even if it means going at great lengths. That’s exactly what you are about to experience in Among Us Kogama. You will join a team of astronauts ready to launch into space. But at the last moment, there is a mysterious breakage in the ship, and you can’t fly off. The crew members disperse around the vessel checking mechanism and trying to figure out what the problem is. And that’s where the murders begin.

Since you are locked inside the ship, that must be one of your own. But who may it be? To find that out, you have to keep your eyes peeled and carefully watch everything that happens nearby. Maybe you’ll notice someone behave weirdly, or maybe even catch them red-handed which is unlikely, though. Anyway, you are sure to get some suspicions by the end of the first day. And while the body count keeps piling up, the crew has to decide who needs to leave the vessel. And by leave we mean get thrown out into the open space!

The responsibility is huge – if you are wrong, you might kill an innocent person. And the odds are not in your favor. Even purely statistically, what are the chances of guessing the killer out of ten people at the first shot? But every mistake the crew makes gives the real murderer another opportunity to keep doing their wicked job. You don’t know whom you can trust and you need to keep that in mind during the votes.

The verdict is passed based on the number of voices against a certain person. Just note that the killer might well be playing the most innocent part! So don’t be in a hurry to shift your suspicious off anyone. Perhaps you’re looking at the culprit right now without even realizing it! Use your logic and intuition, study the psychology of other players and come up with the right answers before it’s too late!