Skibidi Toilet Multiverse

Game description:

Skibidi Toilet Multiverse reality takes a whimsical turn, twisting and contorting into a world where the common becomes exceptional! Here, toilet bowls are portals, and flushing down can lead to the most peculiar and delightful dimensions.

What’s new?

This project deals with the modified original history of the restrooms. The appearance, functions, movements, features and role of EVERY character become reimagined, and in some moments your favorite characters are even hard to recognize! The heads that used to sit in the toilet bowl have gotten giant bodies and fancy costumes, but it’s their heads that betray them! They still contort and twist weirdly, their necks lengthen and twist, and their facial expressions relentlessly show the craziness of humming a famous song! But amidst the madness, there’s a harmonious rhythm, a dance to the track that unites the multiverse’s inhabitants. It seems that this tune has truly become the anthem of this culture. It’s super recognizable!

You’ll also be surprised by the new graphics, which completely change the perception of the universe code-named “Absurd”. But the basic concept hasn’t changed: it’s definitely no less crazy here than in the original!

You should certainly feel your favorite unusual heroes in a new way, who continue to fight and war with each other. Just look how ridiculous and bizarre it looks! To defeat the toilet, the heroes push the flush! Yeah, this project has a lot of humor. That’s why it’s become so popular!