Tricky: Friday Night Funkin

Game description:

Clowns are meant to be kind and joyous, aren’t they? But not all of them match this friendly image, unfortunately. And you will see it yourself in a new mod of FNF game. You will meet Tricky, a clown who is far from being funny. He is very treacherous, instead, and is going to defeat Boyfriend in a terrible rap battle. Help the poor guy to succeed through this dangerous competition. If he wins, he will happily continue dating his Girlfriend. But the failure may put an end to this love story.

You know you can never predict a clown’s behavior. But sometimes, they can be even dangerous. Don’t you believe it? Then hurry up to join a new mod in FNF game. This time, Boyfriend will play against Tricky the clown, who is well known for his evil nature. It would not be so easy to dance against such a treacherous opponent, so your support is extremely needed. Join the game to help the main hero be less nervous and avoid mistakes during a rap battle. The main task is to follow the rhythm of the song.