Tomb of the Mask: Color

Game description:

The version of famous Tomb of the Mask called color will bring you a brand new playing experience! However, the game still has everything you like that much! The old-school stylish graphics will remind you of the console games you used to play long time ago. If you are a fan of all that stuff from 90s, then this game will delight your eyes. As for the process of playing, well, everything is pretty simple here. The name “color” is here for a reason, because your main aim will be coloring. When starting the game, you will find yourself inside of the labyrinth. Your task is to move from one corner and wall to another, painting them in a particular shade: red, green, blue, pink, etc. Once you are done and all the environment is painted a required color, the labyrinth will be easy to leave – you will move to another level where a new labyrinth is waiting for you.
Each level is pretty much the same – you move around the labyrinth, touching the walls and painting them with your touch. After you are done, the next level is open for you. The game has a pretty large number of different stages to offer and even though the main task doesn’t change – you will have to move and paint all the time – the fact that the labyrinths have different constructions makes the game interesting and thrilling. We bet that you will spend a great time inside of the ancient caves and dungeons!