Tasty Planet Forever

Game description:

Welcome to the most bizarre game of all times! It is Tasty Planet Forever, a funny title about animals that eat to grow and grow to eat. You are welcome to try yourself as a monstrous kitty with a hunger that cannot be satisfied. It seems like this pus has a real black hole inside of his stomach, because he is willing to eat everything he can see, whether eatable or not. When he is just a normal cat of a natural size, he banquets upon baguettes and veeno, mice and cockroaches, and other goodies that can be found in a kitchen of a French eating-house. As he realizes that every new meal makes him larger and larger, he decides to continue this gastronomical adventure. Once the cat leaves the kitchen, he appears on the city streets where everything can become his lunch. He can stoop to anything and swallow a human, a car, a house and a park. There are no limits for a giant kitty here! What will happen next? Will he move beyond France and eat other cities and countries? Will he eat the entire planet and then the galaxy? Who knows! But you don’t have to worry about that, because you are the one to play for this cat. What is more, when you are done with eating France, you can try other characters and enjoy their stories that are no less funny than the one of a red kitty. Play as a shark, an octopus, a bee or a rat and discover new locations and levels. By the way, there are more than a hundred of different stages for you to enjoy and a bunch of bonus characters to play for. They will become available once you progress in a game. If you want to cooperate with your friends and share the crazy meal together, make sure to try the multiplayer mode. You will have an opportunity to play with your friends on a split screen when the levels are already passed in a single-player mode. Causing a real apocalypse is a real fun, so don’t miss your chance and eat the world today!