Song Of Horror Episode 2

Game description:

Someone who ever hears a song, a Song of Horror, will never stay the same person again. Strange events happen in the town you will discover. These events are hard to explain – some dark and unknown entity makes people disappear without a trace. They disappear silently and never come back. The entire families are kidnapped by something dark and unexplainable. The horrifying darkness that swallows people along with their families is controlled by the Artificial Intelligence, so it can predict your actions and learn on mistakes. This means that standing against this darkness won’t be easy – it is highly-adaptive and at some point it starts behaving in a way you cannot predict.
Such an experience is really creepy, because this is how a struggle with paranormal creatures should be. You cannot grasp their logic and they are pretty separate from you. Paranormal activity is something we cannot understand and this title does everything to let you feel the horror of something evil and uncontrolled entering your life.