Showdown Bandit

Game description:

There are shows that delight children no matter what kind of stories they actually prepare. These shows usually know the path to a child’s heart and successfully make their way right there. The show called Showdown Bandit was exactly like that. It was a series of funny stories of puppets controlled and voiced by people in the real time. The characters were the people from the wild-wild west and the protagonist was a real cowboy. He was wearing a hat, cool shoes, and had that masculine expression on his puppet face. The kids were excited by his adventures and each new episode made them love this character and story even more. However, something wrong happened. One day, the show didn’t appear on the screen and nobody ever seen it after that day. Years has passed and only now you have a chance to find out what has happened. Also, you will find out what are those mysterious and strange powers that made this show so addictive.
To uncover the mysteries, you will have to travel to another universe and the doll Bandit will take you there. You will meet him in the abandoned studio, where he and other puppets are rotting in the box for years. Pull him out and try to play… but at some moment, the strings will start playing you. You are not the master anymore, because this puppet is not just a regular one. The way to a parallel universe where the dolls live will seem like a way Scrooge had to make: the strange spirit will transfer you to another that looks like the past or possible. It also reminds of the life after death. You choose the interpretation yourself – this is a matter of taste and fantasy.