Rock of Ages 4

Game description:

Adventures never stop! This is another chapter of the game inspired by a popular TV series where the English humor and witty absurd jokes are the main features. Yes, we are talking about Rock of Ages, a cool game where there is a place for Monty Payton, tower defense, races, adventures, art, and creativity! The game is filled with amazing things and activities you will definitely find entertaining. Feel free to become a traveler, adventurer, warrior, god-like creator, and the best thing – a destroyer. Enjoy humorous situtaions, tower defense tasks, riding, and more!
Here you will have an opportunity to arrange and rearrange the stages of the game on your own. No need to play the prescribed amount of games now – you are welcome to generate yours, those that you want to pass through. Don’t lock your talents and show your masterpieces to other players – let them check your stages out, have fun, and show you what they have created. Join the battles where you and other gamers will compete for victory. Whether you want to fight with your buddy one on one or join a group battle where pairs of players will oppose each other, have fun! The game allows you to fight, create, enjoy humor, and even ride across the roads! You won’t find the full and fresh version of the forth chapter anywhere else, but here. Launch it now and enjoy the full version of the game online and for free! Have fun on your own or call your buddies to immerse yourself into the world of rocks and artworks together!