Roblox Piggy Book 2

Game description:

Our parents keep telling us not to talk to strangers and, even more so, never go anywhere with them. But when it comes to someone as charming as Piggy you just forget about all your suspicions. Really, how can this cute harmless-looking creature be dangerous in any way? So, without worrying at all, you accept a heartfelt invitation to join your new friend for a cup of tea. You except to spend a cozy time and have a soulful chat. But instead of crackers, Piggy suddenly proceeds an axe and starts chasing you all over the place! You try to get away and run for the front door, but it appears to be locked. Now you have to figure out how to open it, all while stay as far away from Piggy as possible.

The aggressive swine won’t leave you alone. He will keep chasing you and your only hope to survive is to show more agility and cunning than your enemy. For instance, you can outrun him on the endless stairs of the huge house and then hide somewhere sending Piggy going the wrong way. When the danger passes, quietly get out and continue your search. In order to successfully unlock the front door, you’ll have to find a certain number of tools that are necessarily to do that and perform some manipulations to various mechanisms. Note that Piggy can set traps in the most unexpected places and you should be really careful not to step into any of them! You don’t have so much time to run away from the terrible house, so don’t waste it, start searching for the needed items right now!

But remember that Piggy is somewhere near, even if he is out of your sight right now. You shouldn’t relax and stay anywhere for too long, or your enemy may find and kill you. After dying, you will respawn on the last save point, but note that you only have a limited number of attempts. So if Piggy keeps murdering you too often, one of these times will become your last one. Enjoy the adrenaline, explore the house without getting into the maniac’s hands and see if you can outsmart Piggy on his own territory!