Potion Craft

Game description:

Welcome to this stylish, meditative medieval alchemist simulator! In Potion Craft, you will be managing resources, research various recipes and of course brew potions with all kins of effect that can then be sold to interested buyers. According to the story, our character stumbles upon an abandoned house of a sorcerer. That’s so lucky, because the hero is an alchemist and can use the remains of the inventory that used to belong to his missing predecessor.

On the very first day of the game, we are given a small but detailed training. We have some herbs right away to start with, but in the future we must extract them ourselves from different sources. The most obvious of these is the garden. Once a day, you can collect what has grown there. That alone will provide you with a sufficient number of ingredients. Something can also be bought from the merchants who come into the shop from time to time.

The process of cooking potions seems complicated, but it is actually very convenient and consists of several aspects. The first step is to look at what resources are available and which ones are not a pity to spend (something should be saved for research). Next, some logical work is done – we compare the ingredients added to the cauldron with the alchemical map. To do this, hover the cursor over the herb and see in which direction the craft will go when this particular resource is added. Our goal is to add ingredients so that ultimately the research path leads to some kind of beneficial effect.

Each type of resource directs the craft according to a specific pattern. That is, if we have already remembered that this particularly mushroom draws a certain loop, then it will always draw this loop. This helps to plan the development of the research on the map. By the way, there are also places designated as a field of bones. If the research goes there and we stay in this part of the map for a certain time, the craft will fail. Learn more about this intricate process playing Potion Craft online!