Poly Bridge 2

Game description:

In this game, you are expected to create solid bridges! Are you ready? The second part of a famous bridge-building sim is already here! The new part can boast of having a perfect engine that is more advanced and accurate as the first one. Now you have a chance to enter a workshop room, where new way of building and projecting is waiting for you. Improve your skills, gain new ideas, and do your best to solve all the game puzzles. Only if you do solve them successfully, you can complete the mission of building. There are numerous hours of incredible puzzles that will make you think really hard sometimes. Compete with other players from the server, climb higher on the rating, and become the best builder ever! The rating ensures that all gamers are in the equal conditions.
What is more, the new part of the game has a very cool option – you are welcome to join a stream with one of the most advanced builders and create the bridges together! All visitors and viewers can project the bridges together, do the translations, communicate, and send their creations to each other in the real time. This is an absolutely new level of playing, especially for a building game, so simple and so exciting! What is more, using the sandbox opportunities, you are welcome to create the unique levels from the ground up. There are new amazing objects here, which are all customizable. Also, you are welcome to enjoy more than twenty different cars that will ride over your bridges. Mind their properties when you create one and make sure that they won’t fall down at a critical moment! Fantasize and create your own puzzles to let the other gamers solve them. Make them see how tricky and smart you are! And, of course, enjoy their creations as well! Share your ideas, projects, and get a ton of user-generated unique content! Unite your constructions, do the group projects, and have fun! Mind that the level of complexity will grow with time and you will have to look for new approaches to building!