Pocket Emo

Game description:

Emo used to be a popular cultural trend back in the day. You all remember them (or maybe you were one yourself). Wearing black clothes with a bit of pink, with pitch black color and strange accessories, always depressed and listening to melancholic music, they personified the spirit of a heartbroken teenager suffering from unshared love and the injustice of this whole world. Now you have a chance to get yourself your own pocket emo playing this cute game!

You’ll have to take good care of your little charge. As willing to die as he is, your emo needs to be fed regularly. You have to wash and comb his hair, put him to sleep (because he loves staying late and crying through the night so much). You also need to think about his entertainments. Maybe if you find something that will be fun for him, he won’t stop being so sullen all the time! Try to play ball with him or read him a book. There must be something out there that will raise his mood! In other words, enjoy the company of your new virtual friend and spend a great time together. Your pocket emo will be waiting for you and missing you when you’re gone, so don’t leave him alone for too long! Good luck turning your emo into a cheerful guy!