Pico Park Games

Pico Park is a new hot interactive puzzle game where a team of players has to deal with a series of obstacles on the way to the exit. The ultimate goal of each level is to find and get the key. And for that all of the players need to act in tandem. In total, there can be up to 10 participants in the game. They will have to interact with each other and the environment to achieve the desired result.

Smells like team spirit!

Puzzle games are undoubtedly great for our brains. They improve our logic and ingenuity and teach us how to solve various problems. But sometimes they can become boring, and that’s where Pico Park comes in handy because here you will never get bored! It’s because there are several players in every match. And that means each of them acts as a live person, according to their own mood and skills. Every time it’s something new and you can never predict how the game will go today. So prepare for another unique experience and think how to solve the task before you!

The puzzles can be quite different. Most of them will require you to demonstrate good reflexes, agility and of course teamwork. But first you need to figure out just what to do here. There is a cube that changes number every time somebody jumps on it. Sometimes it’s 1, sometimes it’s 2, sometimes it’s something else. Sometimes you can also move it. What is the principle? How does it work? Understanding that is the key to overcoming the level because you need to push that cube to a platform to get onto it. And that’s where the key is waiting for you.

Can you solve that puzzle?

The developers have been very creative coming up with the riddles. There are elastic ropes on which you have to hang while the others are acting as a counterbalance. There are canons shooting balls that are the only thing that can break the bottle where the key is hidden, but you need to think of how to carry those balls to it since they can’t touch the ground. And there are also complicated systems of planks that are connected to buttons which have to be pushed so that the planks move and another ball can roll down them and break that damned bottle already.

Amazing minimalistic retro design, focus on teamwork and challenging yet quite passable levels will definitely thrill you as you discover the joys of Pico Park. Invite your friends or team up with random players online, compete in passing the obstacles faster and see if you can beat all the trials prepared for you in this great game!