Pico Park Classic

Game description:

If you love solving puzzles and finding a way out of difficult situations, you will definitely love Pico Park! This is an interactive arcade game where you need to find the key and leave the level through the door that it opens. But not everything is so simple and first you need to get to the cherished object. And on the way to it, many obstacles and difficulties await you. But the most important thing is that this should be done not alone, but in a team with friends!

The first thing that attracts users to Pico Park is its simplicity and at the same time incredible design style. Everything is very minimalistic, all objects are depicted as simply as possible. The interface resembles old eight-bit games and is therefore associated with childhood and adolescence, when many had consoles on which they could play similar games. Even the characters look like some kind of square kittens or incomprehensible multi-colored men with short legs and ears.

But do not worry, on these legs they run and jump quite briskly when the gameplay requires it. In the process of passing you will have to face a variety of tasks that can be solved by interacting with the elements of the puzzle together. For example, one player must jump on the button at the right time, and the other must catch the key falling out of the hole. Or someone hangs on a rope, and another pulls it to the right height to get to him.

You will find mysterious squares with numbers that you need to drag in the right order, ingenious platforms and suspension systems, cannons that shoot balls and keys hidden in bottles. Each level consists of several stages that must be passed before you get to the cherished door. And all players must go through this door, so if someone is stuck behind, you will have to return.

In total, from 2 to 10 people can participate in the game. Each participant is marked with a different color, so it will be easy to identify who is where. You can also write in chat and your text will also be colorful, so everyone will immediately understand who is speaking. A lot of fun awaits you and the most incredible problems that need to be solved with the help of good reflexes and logic. Enjoy Pico Park!