Pico Park 2021

Game description:

Want to know what you can do as a team? Then welcome to Pico Park! Here is a unique puzzle. What is its uniqueness? To solve the problems, coordinated actions of the players are required. Moreover, the game adjusts to their number. If only two people are involved, the tasks will be different than if there are as many as ten participants. Namely, the levels are designed for this amount. So dive into the gameplay and get ready to test your wits and reactions!

At first, as in all games, the puzzles will not be too difficult. But remember that this is just a warm-up. Gradually, the difficulty will increase and you will have to make a lot of effort to get the key to the door that leads to the next level. This key can be waiting for players in the most varied and inaccessible places. Sometimes you will need to get to it by jumping on platforms that can swing and move, making the task difficult. Sometimes you will have to make your way over the abyss on an elastic rope, which will stretch depending on the weight of the characters. Other participants at this time must resist so that no one falls down.

The key can also be hidden in an enclosed space, and in order for it to fall out of there, you need to take turns or simultaneously press the buttons that set the different elements of the puzzle in motion. First, of course, you need to figure out exactly how and in what order to press them. Sometimes it will be necessary to break the bottle in which he lies, shooting balls or tossing them on his heads so that they do not fall to the ground, because in this case the ball will disappear and you will have to start over.

In general, players will have to work hard if they hope to complete all the levels. This is a wonderful entertainment that is suitable for a friendly company or even for the whole family. Start playing Pico Park 2021 right now and see what’s new in the latest version of this great game!