Party Animals

Game description:

Of course, you have heard the proverb that appearance is a tricky thing! Someone looking extremely cute and nice can be a real naughty monster inside. This game called Party Animals will prove that to be absolutely true. Party Animals feature funny and a bit ridiculous battles between small and fuzzy creatures, like dogs, kittens, bunnies, and other furry guys. These guys believe that partying means hitting each other with a stick. And, what is more, there is a hundred of additional ways to deal with your funny opponents. The game provides a wide arsenal of weapons as well as numerous ways to use them on practice. Win the battles and have fun in the process!
The game allows you to share a cool setting based on amazing visuals and realistic physics with your friend. One on one, you can play either online or offline and prove who is the strongest and most inventive furry warrior of you two. Also, you are welcome to unite in a pair or even gather a team and take part in a large massive battle, where you can destroy other players together. Team work is appreciated in this game – you can make traps, trick your opponents, and deal with him/her in many-many ways. The winners get everything! Namely, a huge marmalade bear. We know that you love marmalade bears and are ready for everything to get one! This is a real delight to see the characters rushing at a huge sweet bear and tearing him into pieces.
We are pretty sure that this bright arcade game with the elements of fighting will not leave any gamer indifferent. The project mostly offers thrilling group games where you will meet and struggle with other players on various arenas. What is more, there are different regimes to try out. Pulling a marmalade bear like a rope or pushing one another outside the stage are just a few to name. The battles are full-fledged and exciting. Have a party with cute animals, who look really adorable, but are always ready to beat anyone who wants to take their sweets away. Choose your furry character and enter the arena, where other cute creatures are already waiting for you. Have fun right here and right now – we have uploaded a free version of the game for you, so you can play it right here, on this page, and enjoy the spirit of a battle for marmalade. Try different moves and discover various ways to deal with your opponents. Act as one whole with your team and enjoy incredible winnings and rewards! Dive into the world of furry battles – we bet that this addictive title will keep you entertained for hours and days!