Onaf 3

Game description:

Onaf 3 is a continuation of the popular horror game, where classic horror-style mechanics await you. This time, the player also stays in a rather small room, where he has to spend time until dawn, monitoring the entire building using CCTV cameras. However, it became much more difficult to wait for the first rays of the sun! And this version is much more exciting than the previous ones.
The player sits in a frozen room with a door in front and an air vent on the right. Since the room is frozen, the player begins to freeze as well. And, in this case, if he freezes, he will become stiff with cold and cannot do anything, thereby becoming an easy prey for some enemies. To prevent this, the player must from time to time come to the fireplace, which is on the left, to warm up. Can you handle this task? You should definitely try to play this fascinating game. Pluck up all your courage and start playing.