My Friend Pedro 2019

Game description:

Some titles are hardly focused on narrative. The developers invent deep stories, full of psychological twists and turns, create intrigues and unexpected scenes. The others are not really bothered about the necessity to make players related to the main character or at least say “wow” about the cool story they have invented. My Friend Pedro is one of such titles. It is a very traditional punishing title, where everything you are going to do is just some violence. The narrative here is pretty dull and one can say that it is absolutely absent. Some guy gets crazy one day and believes that a talking banana with a face is controlling his brain. The banana turns to be a truly evil guy, since he wants the protagonist to spill some blood. Well, the hero doesn’t hesitate for too long, he just puts on a mask, takes the guns, and starts his strange bloody journey.

The killing at this title is presented in an aesthetical and even artistic way. You will have a chance to arrange the battels just like in the movies, jumping and dashing all around. The enemies won’t be able to kills you, but you will kill them all the time. Get ready that you will have a pretty weird feeling about everything that is going on here. At the same time, it is a unique and pretty interesting experience. The so-called plot won’t make any explanations or sense till the very end, so you shouldn’t be expecting for something like that. Instead, the story will lead you to even deeper layers of madness. Sometimes, this is going to be comical, the other times you will feel yourself chilling from horror.