Little Misfortune 2019

Game description:

The game you are looking at right now is a cute but pretty dark horror-tale. This one is similar to a bit strange and frightening classical fairy tales that were not as peaceful and nice as we know them from the modern retelling. To let you know, the earliest tales for children were bloody and cruel. The story of Misfortune is not a Disney fairy tale, but rather something from the universe of the Grimm Brothers. Everything begins with a voice, strange voice from the dark woods. The voice is calling a young girls and she cannot resist following it because the voice promises to lead her to something she desires that much. Something every living person desires – endless happiness. The girl decides that her mother would appreciate a present like this, so she starts a journey to get that magical gift and pass it to the most beloved person on earth.

The main feature of the presented game is an incredibly high level of interactivity. The game responses to your every movement and decision you make, changing the possible plot twists. Literally, the author of the unwrapping story is you. The game will provide you with endless options and the further events will be determined by your previous choices. Also, the game can boast of having that nice childish horror genre. The frightening moments here are funny as well and cute in their own way. Even the dead animals are somehow adorable here, while a bit blood-chilling.