House Horror Game

Game description:

If you enjoy horror games where you need to solve macabre mysteries and run away from an unknown maniac hunting you, you should definitely play House Horror Game! Here you will take on the role of a little kid who becomes a witness to terrible murders happening right in her house. Will you be able to understand who is behind it and, more importantly, save your own skin? That’s what you’re about to find out!

The game has a stylish pixel graphics, everything is a bit blurred. People and objects look a little surreal, like in a dream. And that sets a proper atmosphere from the very start. Your character is a cheerful girl who is romping around the house, never actually walking. At first, you will play with your toys, try to stir up your sleepy cat, talk to your depressive sister who issues dissatisfied comments on everything and everyone, see your mother cook dinner in the kitchen…

But pretty soon things are going to take a rather brutal turn. Next time you walk into some room, you may find your mother or sister dead, lying in the puddle of their own blood, with nothing indicating what actually happened here. And if you’re not careful enough, you can end up like that too! So you have to stay calm and concentrated, explore the scene and look for clues that will at least hint you where to go and what to do now. Play House Horror Game online, get this tickling feeling in your stomach and see if you can get away from the mysterious killer!