Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

Game description:

Are you ready for a really cool and thrilling ride? Then jump in Hot Wheels: Infinite Loop! This is a game from a series known by every racing games fan in world. However, this time something brand new is waiting for you. The game is arranged as an unlimited track that doesn’t end. Still, there is a finish line, but the amazing racing never stops here. Your task is to overcome each and every competitor on the track. When you enter the server, you have to choose a car first. Later, you will unblock more car models and gather a mighty collection of vehicles, so you will easily switch between them for different stages of the game. The newer cars will be more and more amazing. In addition, there are numerous changeable skins for your racing monsters, so we encourage you to do your best and gather them all!

In the process of playing, you will take part in a very tough competition. The toughness is a necessity to literally struggle with the opponents, ruining their cars and preventing them from getting to the finish line before you. Be ready that they will answer you in the same way! Be ready for aggressive moves and try to avoid being crushed by the other cars. Each riding session is a competition between you and 8 other cars. Beat them all like a boss!