Happy’s Humble Burger Farm

Game description:

Happy’s Humble Burger Farm is an unusual fusion of a pluck worker simulator and a creepy horror game. Try to survive during your shift at the diner and reveal the mysteries of this place, which are much more global and threatening than it might seem at first glance. You’ve just been hired to work at a burger shop somewhere in the remote desert. You will work here at night, serving visitors who have decided to fill their belly before going to bed. But remember – everything should be perfect and without jambs. If you bring a wrong order to a customer cook for too long, it will be considered a violation. You get three violations, and … Let’s just say, that the cute cow, the mascot of the establishment named Happy won’t be happy at all if the visitors remain unhappy.

The game is an excellent simulator of restaurant management. Prepare food, pour drinks, serve them to clients! Along the way, you can improve the hangout, making your job more streamlined … and safer, because fires, rats and other unpleasant things can cause problems and upset visitors. Walk the alleys and peer into the windows of New Elysium, listen to audio files containing interesting information and read research pages in the process to compile a coherent picture and learn the mysteries of this town.

Become a participant in a captivating story mode in which you will discover everything you need to know about this enigmatic place. Or put your endurance to the test in an endless mode entirely dedicated to cooking. The restaurant has a jukebox with some well-known old songs as well as custom-written tunes, created specifically for the game. And the radio contains about hours of talk shows for relaxation with the participation of famous guests – you will definitely find something to listen to in the background. So open Happy’s Humble Burger Farm right now, the first visitors are about to appear on your threshold!